Dalpang Signature Spa, 오피 Spa’s Honest Exploration

오피 Spa’s Honest Exploration

Since it’s the change of seasons these days, I sometimes have skin trouble and dryness inside, so I went to get some care. In autumn and winter, I pay more attention to self-care, but sometimes after getting a spa like this, my stress is relieved, so I went there excitedly. ♬
I visited the signature spa of 오피 spa, my favorite beauty brand, Dalpang, located in Cheongdam.

오피 Spa opened in 2002

From the beginning, they selected the Dalpang brand, which is the most comfortable for skin and has no complaints, through a thorough survey of the department store market.
This is the number one salon that has been loved (especially by brides-to-be). The reviews are very good.
The space is not big, but it’s warm and cozy.
I’ve been using this steam skin line recently. Out of these, I like mask lotion It smells so good and you can get care of it with various Dalpang products.
Each room has two beds.
I think it would be good to get care with your parents or as a couple.

오피 Spa’s signature spa program

“Dalfang’s signature special treatment (120 minutes).”
The price is really good – it’s never more expensive than other shops!
1) Cleansing (intral)
2) Deep Cleansing (Mild Peeling + Dermabrasion)
3) Backline Massage (Dalfang Body Jojoba)
4) With decolte + face massage (renewing balm + chamomile + 8 flower balm), luster, moisturizing and contouring
5) Soothing Skin (Camelia Mask)
6) Moisturizing, lifting, elasticity, regeneration (steamul divine mask or vetiver oil mask + powder modeling mask)
7) collagen velvet
8) Finish with toner, eye lifting serum, soothing serum, chamomile, soothing cream

My skin was glossy after taking care of it. I think my face got prettier, too. I’m looking forward to it.
The director is also very kind, so I recommend you to consult if you want to take care of it.

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