France Declares ‘Air Pollution and War’

Air Pollution

France’s worst air pollution in 10 years

Exhaust gas, heating, and other pollutants. Construction of eco-friendly means of transportation and maintenance of heating facilities are urgent

The Ild France area, the capital of France, suffered from severe winter air pollution. Air pollution concentrations frequently exceeded the standard level due to vehicle exhaust, winter heating facilities, and low wind weather. Environmental experts point out that in order to reduce air pollution, traffic regulations such as a two-day vehicle system are also important, but above all, the root cause of the problem must be solved. The fundamental measure is to build an infrastructure to easily use eco-friendly means of transportation such as bicycles and to overhaul heating facilities in old houses.

Traffic regulations, such as a two-part vehicle system, are important to solve the air pollution problem in large cities, but fundamental solutions are needed for factors that constantly reduce air quality across France, such as housing heating, factory emissions and agricultural waste emissions This is the explanation of Denny Buajeng, a spokesman for the Nicola Willo Foundation, a French environmental group that suffered the worst winter air pollution in 10 years. For example, Parisians suffer great inconvenience due to the accumulation of pollutants in the atmosphere below every time a wind-free high-pressure area is formed in winter.

The main culprit of air pollution in Paris is automobile exhaust. Grenoble, a small town in southeastern France, is no exception to air pollution, but the main culprit of fine dust emissions here is wood boiler heating. Fine dust from wooden boilers exceeds 40% of Grenoble’s total fine dust emissions. In addition, residents in many factory areas and agricultural areas are constantly exposed to toxic substances.

Air pollution is also closely related to public health. According to the survey, 42,000 people die early from respiratory diseases caused by air pollution annually in France. The French Board of Audit and Inspection estimates the cost of managing diseases caused by air pollution from 20 billion euros (about 24.2 trillion won) to 30 billion euros (about 36.3 trillion won) per year. A report submitted to the Senate said the central government and local governments pay 100 billion euros (about 121 trillion won) annually due to air pollution problems.

The French Board of Audit and Inspection evaluates that air pollutant emissions have steadily decreased since 1990. Bernard Garni of the Atmo-France Secretariat, a coalition of organizations authorized to measure atmospheric conditions, explains that the reason for the decrease in air emissions is because the industrial structure has changed from manufacturing to service, but the manufacturing process has advanced and the performance of pollutant filters has improved.

In this context, the frequent air pollution warnings may be due to the fact that air pollution status can be better understood. An alert is issued when air pollutants exceed the World Health Organization’s recommended standards. According to the standards of the Health Organization, an alarm is issued when fine dust (PM10) of less than 10 microns (μm, 1 μm = 0.001mm) exceeds 50 mg/m. (If an air pollution warning is issued, public transportation such as buses, subways, and urban railroads can be used for free instead of restricting the use of private cars. -Editor) Of course, even if the amount of fine dust in the atmosphere is below the standard of the health organization, it does not necessarily mean that the atmosphere is good.

air pollution-france
▲ France’s metropolitan area is suffering from severe winter air pollution. The sky near the Eiffel Tower in Paris in December 2016 is cloudy with air pollution. REUTERS

54% of Nitrogen Oxide is Road traffic

Currently, France’s standards for fine dust and nitrogen oxides exceed those of the European Union (EU). In fact, the European Commission sent a letter to the European Court in April 2015 saying it would file a lawsuit against the French government unless the French government quickly came up with measures to reduce air pollution in more than 10 major cities, including Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille, Martinique, La Valle D’Arve, Nice, Toulon, Dué, Bettung and Valencienne.

Moreover, there are many toxic substances that cause air pollution in addition to 12 regulated pollutants, including fine dust, nitrogen oxides, and ozone, which are the three major pollutants. Among them, the air pollution problem caused by ammonia (NH3) is serious. Ammonia is mainly emitted from the agricultural sector, and in most cases, it is dispersed into the atmosphere or discharged from livestock farms during the nitrogen fertilizer spraying process. Even when spraying pesticides, it is a problem because some of them are scattered into the atmosphere.

The French government has implemented a number of policies to solve both temporary air pollution deterioration and essential air pollution problems at the same time. In particular, measures were taken against the transportation sector, which is considered the main culprit of air pollution. One-third of the French population is routinely exposed to fine dust emitted by cars, and 54% of nitrogen oxide emissions are also caused by road traffic, which is why the transportation sector is responsible. This situation is also due to the high proportion of diesel vehicles in France. According to spokesman Denny Buajeng, the reason for the high proportion of diesel vehicles was that the government gave tax benefits to companies and households in the 1980s to promote diesel vehicle consumption. In 1990, diesel cars accounted for only 16 percent of all cars, but now they have soared to 62 percent.

As a result, the ruling Socialist government has begun to reduce tax cuts for diesel vehicles. In 2014, the oil tax per liter of high-end gasoline was 20.7 cents (about 250 won and 0.01 euros per cent) higher than that of diesel oil, but in 2015, the gap between gasoline and diesel oil was 18 cents, and in 2016, it decreased to 15.2 cents. It remains to be seen whether the oil tax policy stance will continue once the presidential election is over and a new president is elected.

The government introduced various tax benefits to promote the purchase of electric vehicles, but electric vehicle prices are still very high. It has also set up an incentive system for ordinary people to give up old-fashioned diesel vehicles and buy used gasoline vehicles that are not long on the market, but that is not enough. And to avoid a second “diesel gate” (a case where Volkswagen in Germany manipulated diesel vehicle software and passed the authorities’ emissions inspection – editors), new automobile emission standards and emissions inspection procedures should be strengthened. Experts explain that it will take a considerable amount of time to significantly reduce diesel vehicles and increase the proportion of electric or gasoline vehicles. Nevertheless, the mayor of Paris has an ambitious plan to completely remove diesel vehicles from Paris by 2020. To this end, the city government plans to provide additional support for households with diesel vehicles.

The two-part vehicle system, which is implemented when an air pollution warning is issued, has been found to be effective in reducing air pollution. Airparif, an air pollution measurement company, announced that when the two-part vehicle system was applied in Paris, traffic volume, fine dust emissions, and nitrogen oxide emissions decreased by 18%, 6%, and 10%, respectively. However, the two-part vehicle system has the disadvantage of treating vehicles that emit a lot of pollutants the same without distinguishing them from vehicles that emit a lot of pollutants. Several cities have introduced a “Crit’Air” rating system that classifies vehicles according to the level of pollutant emissions. A clear air sticker is attached to the vehicle to indicate the pollutant emission rating of the vehicle.

#Fine dust from wood boilers and fireplaces

If an air pollution warning is issued, the operation of vehicles that emit the most pollutants based on the Crete Air rating, not the standard of the hole at the end of the license plate, can be restricted. According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the introduction of the Crite Air system can reduce fine dust emissions by 12% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 10%.

In the long run, the best way to reduce air pollution in cities is to change the way they move. “Now there will be no place for large diesel vehicles in the city,” Deeni Buajeng said. “People will use vehicles by renting or sharing light and small light vehicles.” To that end, the Nicola Willo Foundation emphasizes the importance of establishing an incentive system for people to use public transportation such as taxis, shared vehicles, buses and minibuses, which have much more hours than private cars standing for 95 percent of the 24 hours a day.

Above all, however, the use of cars itself should be reduced. It recommends ‘active movement’ such as using public transportation and cycling or walking. According to Bouajeng’s explanation, electric bicycles are an efficient means of transportation, but bicycle utilization in France is still very low. Buajeng argues that in order to promote bicycle use, dedicated roads should be expanded and bicycle use compensation systems (employers compensate with cash or allowances when employees need to travel in relation to work – editors).

Strasbourg is one of France’s highest rates of bicycle use. Strasbourg’s deputy mayor and environmental policy officer Alain Jund said, “Strasbourg is an honor student of inferiority. The rate of bicycle use in Strasbourg is 14%, far below Copenhagen’s 45% but much higher than the French average of 2-4%.” By the end of 1982, the bike lanes in Strasbourg were just over 30 kilometers long, but now they have increased to 650 kilometers. The expansion of public transportation played a big role here. In Strasbourg, if you want to build a new transportation infrastructure, whether it is a bus or a tram, you must create a bicycle-only road together.

The efficient transportation policy eventually took into account the aspect of national land improvement. In particular, there is a need for a transportation policy that can cope with the sprawl phenomenon that most cities in France experience in common (Sprawl Penomena, a phenomenon in which urban areas expand disorderly to suburban areas-editors). Deputy Mayor Alain Jund insists that we should try harder ourselves. In the past, the city of Strasbourg turned its back on the Rhine River, where the industrial park is located. Now, the city government is trying to fix the banks of the Rhine River without letting the city of Strasbourg expand into rural areas so that the city’s boundaries can be established toward the Rhine River.”

Air pollution is not just a matter of mobility. In many parts of France, wooden boilers and fireplaces older than road traffic are the main culprits of fine dust emissions.


Yakson Therapy Type/Price

Yakson Therapy|약손 명가

is very famous for wedding management and facial contour management.
The Jamsil Station branch is located 3 to 4 minutes on foot from Jamsil Station Exit 8.
You can see the Lotte World Tower, which is Jamsil. It’s right behind Lotte Castle Gold.

Jamsil Station branch is very convenient because transportation is very convenient. When you go up to the 5th floor of this building, it’s right there on the right~!! First of all, in preparation for COVID-19, it is an environment where you can check your body temperature, fill out a questionnaire, and register for QR code access, so you can be managed with confidence. I checked my body temperature and QR, and immediately received a consultation from the director at the consultation room. 오피런피플 website, a discount event is in progress. Those who are interested, please take a look.

Introduction of Yakson Therapy

It is a manual therapy created in 1979 by Lee Byung-cheol, chairman of the Yakson Myungga. Looking at more than 40 handicraft management programs of , which has a long history, it seems to be Korea’s representative handicraft therapy brand.
There are so many different types of care for not only the face but also the body, so you can get the customized care you need.

​ Yakson Therapy Types, programs, and prices of representative facial treatments of

Yakson Therapy|얼굴 관리

In particular, K-BEAUTY Celebrity Management A is said to be very popular. Everyone was taking care of them so hard and taking care of their beauty right??-?? The manager showed
Representative Before/After Cases This person deserves to appear in the booklet. You have a very beautiful face shape. Just looking at the after photos makes me excited. I am already thinking happily about what kind of management I should get.

Because of my personality and constitution, I am always thinking about something and want to do well, so my neck and shoulders are always tense without realizing it. It’s on the stiff side, and the body itself is strong and muscular, so the neck and shoulders are really, really good..

These types do not have smooth blood circulation to the face and head, so the face often swells and grows. Also, if you sit and work in the wrong posture for a long time, the bones of the face gradually become distorted and the face shape becomes unpretentious. However, I am worried because I cannot think about it at all, I cannot give up my muscular constitution, nor can I not work/study.
My conclusion is to just work hard, exercise hard, and get good management while working hard. So, as a gift for me, who is struggling during the doctoral vacation, I decided to try the small face care from among various management.

Yakson Therapy|수기지압 요법

If you are like me, please read this article to the end. After the consultation, I changed into a gold gown in the changing room. There are a lot of people taking wedding care in the dressing room, so there was a phrase like this attached to it, and there were also instructions on how to take care of your face.

Jamsil Station Branch is overall pleasant and tidy Yakson Myungga Jamsil Station Branch
Non-face-to-face curtains are well placed on each bed in the management room so that you can be safely managed even in the face of Corona.

The customer service questionnaire is given after the management is complete, and in the remarks column, what kind of manager managed it, and the satisfaction is checked after management.

I like that does not only take care of the face, but also manages the parts connected with the face, from the scalp, back, arms, and décolleté in general. On the face, they focus on the length and width of the face, which I am particularly concerned about. Actually, I want to improve both, but I asked for the cheekbones to make the face line smoother. Compared to before the treatment, when I covered the face with my hands, not only the swelling of the face but also the bones were gathered inside!!

Effect of Yakson Therapy that you feel every time you wash your face

However, the bones have a tendency to return to their original state, so at least 10 times at intervals of a week or so, the best is 20 times a year, as long as the weight does not gain more than 4-5 kg, I want to buy a ticket. It’s cold these days, so keep warm on the way. Jamsil Station branch, which even takes hot packs like this, stood out.

Sports Massage Cream Review – atmofrance

연관 키워드

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Dalpang Signature Spa, 오피 Spa’s Honest Exploration

오피 Spa - 시그니처테라피

오피 Spa’s Honest Exploration

Since it’s the change of seasons these days, I sometimes have skin trouble and dryness inside, so I went to get some care. In autumn and winter, I pay more attention to self-care, but sometimes after getting a spa like this, my stress is relieved, so I went there excitedly. ♬
I visited the signature spa of 오피 spa, my favorite beauty brand, Dalpang, located in Cheongdam.

오피 Spa opened in 2002

From the beginning, they selected the Dalpang brand, which is the most comfortable for skin and has no complaints, through a thorough survey of the department store market.
This is the number one salon that has been loved (especially by brides-to-be). The reviews are very good.
The space is not big, but it’s warm and cozy.
I’ve been using this steam skin line recently. Out of these, I like mask lotion It smells so good and you can get care of it with various Dalpang products.
Each room has two beds.
I think it would be good to get care with your parents or as a couple.

오피 Spa’s signature spa program

“Dalfang’s signature special treatment (120 minutes).”
The price is really good – it’s never more expensive than other shops!
1) Cleansing (intral)
2) Deep Cleansing (Mild Peeling + Dermabrasion)
3) Backline Massage (Dalfang Body Jojoba)
4) With decolte + face massage (renewing balm + chamomile + 8 flower balm), luster, moisturizing and contouring
5) Soothing Skin (Camelia Mask)
6) Moisturizing, lifting, elasticity, regeneration (steamul divine mask or vetiver oil mask + powder modeling mask)
7) collagen velvet
8) Finish with toner, eye lifting serum, soothing serum, chamomile, soothing cream

My skin was glossy after taking care of it. I think my face got prettier, too. I’m looking forward to it.
The director is also very kind, so I recommend you to consult if you want to take care of it.

Sports Massage Cream Review

Our missions
The ATMO Federation represents all 38 associations approved for air quality monitoring (AASQA).

In accordance with the Law on Air and the Rational Use of Energy, the approved associations bring together 4 colleges, which are fairly represented on the Boards of Directors:

Prefects and State Services
Local and territorial communities
Issuers (carriers, manufacturers, etc.)
Environmental and consumer protection associations and qualified personalities.

Basic tasks:
(in reference to the law on Air and the Rational Use of Energy of December 30, 1996)

Implementation of air quality monitoring and information
Dissemination of results and forecasts
Immediate transmission to the prefects of information relating to overruns or forecasts of overruns of alert and recommendation thresholds.

The Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development (MEDD) is responsible for implementing the national air monitoring, prevention and information policy.

It relies for this on:
the ATMO federation and all the associations it has approved,
ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency),
the LCSQA (Central Air Quality Monitoring Laboratory).
(Environment and Energy Management Agency)
ADEME ensures the technical coordination of air quality monitoring at the national level and manages the National Air Quality Database (BDQA). Its regional delegations participate in the Boards of Directors of approved associations, in the State college,
The Central Air Quality Monitoring Laboratory (LCSQA) acts as scientific and technical support for approved associations and is made up of the Ecole des Mines de Douai (EMD), the National Institute for the Industrial Environment and of Risks (INERIS) and the National Testing Laboratory (LNE). It contributes to improving the quality of measurements and provides the link between research and application in the field.


Monitoring is carried out by various means including monitoring by fixed devices, measurement campaigns, emissions cadastres and modeling of air pollution in a given territory. The implementation of these various means makes it possible to provide cartographic representations of the pollution.


Every citizen has the right to be informed about the quality of the air they breathe. Thus, for agglomerations of more than 100,000 inhabitants, the associations disseminate a global indicator of air quality: the ATMO index. For cities with less than 100,000 inhabitants, we speak of the simplified Air Quality Index (AQIs). These are daily air quality indicators. They are calculated from the results of “urban” and “peri-urban” stations representative of so-called “homogeneous pollution” zones. They mainly concern agglomerations. 4 pollutants are taken into account: fine particles, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone. Concentrations of each of these pollutants are rated on a scale of 1 very good to 10 very poor. The highest of these 4 sub-indices gives the ATMO index for the day. Real-time cartographic data can complete the dissemination of this index.

Convention ATMO-AFSSET

L’Agence française de sécurité sanitaire de l’environnement et du travail (Afsset) et ATMO France signent une convention de partenariat.

The French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (Afsset), represented by Mr Martin Guespereau, Director General, and the National Federation of Approved Associations for Air Quality Monitoring (ATMO France), represented by Mr. Christian Hutin, deputy of the North, its president signed a bilateral partnership agreement today.
It is now recognized by the scientific community that air pollution has harmful effects on health. The AASQAs, through their mission of monitoring air quality and implementing high-performance tools, are able to provide detailed data on exposure to air pollution. In this sense, they are “key” partners for Afsset. They provide input for expert appraisal work in risk assessment; they provide support for the implementation of detailed techniques for characterizing exposure to atmospheric pollution, with the aim of being useful for health impact studies.
The contribution of the AASQAs to the Agency’s expert appraisal work already takes several forms: Participation in Afsset’s committee of specialized experts on “Risks related to air environments” and in various working groups examining referrals relating to the health risks induced by air pollutants; participation in the orientation and forecasting committee of the Pesticide Residues Observatory; ongoing research and development agreements aimed at improving knowledge of exposure to atmospheric pollution.
This agreement completes and frames the already fruitful collaborations with the AASQA.
The organization of the network on which Afsset relies to carry out itself or have carried out any expertise, analysis or study necessary for its missions, is a priority strategic orientation of the agency on which the solidity and relevance of his expertise.
The list of referrals in progress, Afsset’s opinions and reports can be consulted on

Contact the Press Office
Celine Delysse and Nathalie Lonnel: 01 56 29 13 77
[email protected]

Sports Massage Cream Review

It’s okay for me if I exercise or have a lot of basic activities, but I’m not that’s not the case. When I work, I don’t move much and I always sit down. So I was thinking about it, but recently, the weather got hot, so I thought about wearing short clothes, so I took them out and put them on at home. “Oh, when did this come out of course”

My thigh cellulite was formed. It was the moment when I realized that I really didn’t move, didn’t work out, and gained weight. I think there are a lot of people like me these days. So I thought I shouldn’t do this, so I started looking for information about cellulite massage.

Then I found out about SO2C Perfect Leg Slimming All-in-One. It’s famous for sports massage cream. I’ve been using it diligently for some time, but it hasn’t been long since I used it, so there was no dramatic effect. But my thighs feel more elastic and slimmer! Thanks to you, the cellulite seems to fade.​

Actually, I searched the Internet and found that there are more than 100 kinds of cellulite massage cream. So honestly, it’s true that I thought a lot about what to write. Nevertheless, I will tell you the reason why I finally chose this product. Personally, I’m more confident than anyone else when I sit down and search for information. Even if you’re not active, your endurance is amazing. After comparing this product and that product a lot, the final conclusion has been made with this product.

There were many reasons, but the thing that caught my eye was that it was just for the legs. And it’s a best-selling product, so I can’t stand it without using it. When we look into slimming and cellulite massage creams, it’s hard to say which parts are used intensively. It’s just for the body, so you can use it for any part of the body. Of course, this will work, too! But I don’t think it’s a product that’s optimized for just one part. So I thought this was it, and after SO2C Perfect Shaping Leg Slimming Cream debuted at Cozenskin in 2015, it became a best-selling product that many customers used for 7 years.

I usually use 오피사이트 원 클릭 often. There are so many good products that I always use. But I can’t stand the bestseller among them. First of all, SO2C Perfect Leg Sliming All-in-One includes two boxes of SO2C Perfect Shaping Leg Cream, Coffee Plus Lift Body Scrub, and additional gifts, Magnet Body Massager.

I’ll tell you in detail one by one!

First of all, SO2C Perfect Shaping Leg Slimming Cream is a specialized product for thighs and legs. It is excellent in managing subcutaneous fat and cellulite in the lower body. Apply it to the clumped or swollen calves and massage it to soothe the legs and immediately slimm. In addition, it is an organic patent ingredient that can be used without irritation to the skin, so even those with sensitive skin can use it without any burden. I was also worried about this, but I was surprised because there was no irritation. I’m touched that it’s effective and has good ingredients.

The reason why this cream can give cellulite and slimming effects to the extent that it is a bestseller is thanks to slimmers named Adiposlim and Adipores. These two ingredients help prevent fat decomposition and new fat accumulation. So you don’t have to worry about yo-yo!

And the other components that can double the effect of this sports massage cream are the other components. The Coffee Plus Lift Bar Discrup is designed to remove waste, perm massage, and line lifting
If you apply cream after using this as a multi-functional booster in the previous step, the absorption and permeability of the product will increase by more than 40%. There’s a reason why they’re together as components. And it’s really convenient because you can use it exactly like a scrub when you take a shower!

The same goes for massage tools. Magnet body massager has a sharp cellulite massage tip. This tip promotes circulation and applies appropriate pressure to smooth the bumpy skin and make the body line pretty. I use sports cream twice a day in the morning and in the evening, and I use scrub about 2 to 3 times a week. I heard that the more you do it, the faster you can see the effect.

Real fat builds up in a blink of an eye, but it takes a lot of effort and time to lose it. I’ve tried all kinds of diet methods that are famous, but it’s so hard that it’s hard to do it consistently. But this method is so simple and easy that I can do it without any stress, so I keep doing it. The effect is even better because it allows intensive management of the areas I want, and the SOS silhouette program contains the patent ingredients and patent construction of the French Sepik Institute, which boasts a 70-year history and 64 registered patents!

Try thigh cellulite massage easily with sports massage cream!

The flower of overseas activities that college students dream of doing at least once – atmofrance

The flower of overseas activities that college students dream of doing at least once

If you are looking for more meaningful volunteer work, pay attention to the Beautiful College Student Overseas Volunteer Group (hereinafter referred to as the Beautiful College Student Overseas Volunteer Group) sponsored by 오피사이트 자원봉사 후원회. Because I can plan a detailed volunteer program by myself. I met two people who said that the overseas volunteer group of beautiful college students became a turning point in college life and heard the detailed story.

Nice to meet you. Please introduce yourself.

HY: Hello, I’m a student at Korea University’s College of Life Sciences. I was the head of the accounting products team of the overseas volunteer group of beautiful university students and went to Myanmar for overseas service.
Min-seo: Hello, I’m Baek, majoring in occupational therapy at Gyeongbok University. I went to Cambodia for volunteer work abroad.

How did you apply for the overseas volunteer group of beautiful college students?

HY: I had a dream of volunteering abroad since I was young. He looked cool in a white t-shirt and a vest. Since the office site is so famous for overseas volunteer work for college students, I applied right away after seeing the recruitment announcement.
Min-seo: I was interested in the educational environment of children as much as I dreamed of becoming a pediatric occupational therapist. I just found out about the overseas volunteer group of beautiful college students and applied to create a better educational environment for local children.

Please briefly introduce what kind of volunteer work you did.

Young-kyun: I usually did ‘education volunteer’ to teach children in the morning and ‘work volunteer’ to build toilets in the afternoon. Members of music, art, and science taught two to three subjects each, and I took charge of introducing Korea and making vuvuzela.
Min-seo: The members who left for Cambodia built a library. I carried bricks and dirt and painted them. I even painted the classroom. It was about using the body for the children.

What was your favorite or memorable activity?

HY: The sports day we had on the last day was the most memorable. The team members in charge of the sports day must have been burdened to plan the program without much information about the school, but it seemed amazing that they finished it perfectly until the end.
Min-seo: I also remember the sports day on the last day of volunteer work. I remember the children laughing, playing jokes, and having fun. I was so happy that I thought, “I can’t forget this moment.”

We also conducted Korean programs such as making lucky bags and playing yut, and I wonder how you prepared this plan.

Young-kyun: I met with the members in advance at the preparatory camp before I started overseas volunteer work. A few former riders came to the staff to give advice and have an idea meeting.
Min-seo: We decided on two to three class topics per group, and there were more than 20 opinions from each group. After getting advice from the staff and the office site, I made detailed plans such as preparations carefully.

Did you do volunteer work often before applying to the overseas volunteer group of Beautiful University students?
Min-seo: I didn’t do a lot of volunteer work until I took a leave of absence after my second year. When I took a leave of absence, I joined the external cooperation volunteer club called “Snail School” and did volunteer work often.

Did your experience in the volunteer club help you apply for the overseas volunteer group of college students?
Min-seo: Through the volunteer club, I realized the joy of volunteering while doing outings with disabled children. If I have a chance, I have always thought that I want to be a strength to children in need. I applied right away because there was a cooperative club screening in the overseas volunteer group of beautiful college students.
The 오피사이트 Volunteer Support Association has signed an agreement with a college student volunteer club to provide various support programs to continuously revitalize volunteer activities. The “cooperative club screening” is a screening that only members of the cooperative club can apply.

Hwi Young got accepted as an ordinary college student. What tips do you give to college students who are applying this time?
HY: The competition rate is so high that you’ll be worried even before you apply. I also sang a song that I changed because I felt pressured to leave a strong impression in the interview. Ha ha.
Looking back, I think what you need to do when you do volunteer work abroad is to have a relaxed mind to harmonize well. We need 30 people who lead us silently so that everyone can be together rather than a few people who stand out. I think it can be a great unit if you show your relaxed mind and sincerity.

When was the most proud moment?
Young-kyun: The moment I said before we parted ways, “I hope you guys will be helpful to someone like our members in the future.” I think the spirit of volunteerism spreads in the process of helping someone who helped me.
Min-seo: I felt proud to see the children go home with what they made during class. I was happy because I felt like I gave special experiences and memories to my children.

If you could recommend an overseas volunteer group of beautiful college students as an experienced person, which friends would you recommend to?
Young-kyun: I recommend it to friends who are confident that they have done all the activities they can as a college student. I didn’t have high expectations for overseas volunteer work because it was just like that, but when I experienced it myself, all the memories were deeply established in my heart. I think it could be a turning point in college for someone.
Min-seo: I hope those who are tired of their daily lives and those who want to keep good memories will try. There are many friends who hesitate because they think they must have some ability to be selected, but even ordinary college students can do it.

Can you say something to college students who are thinking about volunteering abroad?
Young-kyun: I think the activists that the office site wants are not perfect people but college students like you who can grow up together. I’m sure that the three-month journey that young people gather to prepare for the full-day service is a valuable activity that will be remembered forever!
Min-seo: Overseas volunteering is “Precious memories, memories, gifts.” If you know the joy of sharing, you can get something precious that you can’t get anywhere through overseas volunteer work. I hope you don’t worry and apply.

Volunteering in India: Elizabeth Trust

Regional: Bangalore, India Elizabeth Trust, an orphanage in Bangalore, India

#Services at Goa Wong, Bangalore

When I went to India Orphanage volunteer work I found while looking at snow camera photos by chance. Honestly, I still want to see Daniel who is so lovely and shy and cute

Children here don’t have cell phones or toys, so whenever they go to volunteer, they always ask for a phone. Then play with the snow camera like that. Even if we give snacks, we never eat them right away like any other children, but ask the director and ask permission to eat them. There were times when I felt bad for not being like children.

Honestly, at first, I went there because I heard that I would get a certificate if I went to volunteer work three times
It was me who went more and more and had a great time. Running around and playing around with the kids.

#to give presents to children

It is cute to see that children harden like this when they take pictures. I once bought a pencil-like stationery gift or rice, but I remember making a paper disk with a newspaper and practicing it or playing with it. I wrote English names and probably if the children were older, I would have taught them Korean Hah!

I hope lovely kids don’t get sick and grow up healthy The children here are happy to be grateful for the little things.

#Take care of the children at Gowawon, Bangalore.

Anyone in Bangalore can visit here and do volunteer work. If you are looking for a place to volunteer in Bangalore, please visit here and share your love. If you look at the entrance, it says rice that needs support. Before you go, it’s better to call the head teacher in advance! I put the phone number on top!
Use English~~ I think they’ll probably use Hindi, too!

#After volunteering at the Gowawon in Bangalore, India,

Pretty Bangalore houses. There were so many big dogs. The day Tuk-Tuk rode it alone
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Volunteering in India: Elizabeth Trust

I was so grateful that GangnamOP was sponsoring regularly. I think that’s why you’re helping me not to be more miserable even though I’m still poor
Regional: Bangalore, India Elizabeth Trust, an orphanage in Bangalore, India

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