Book Display – ‘Bite-sized French History’ France, a country of gourmet food

French gastronomy

History of French gastronomy

France has a lot of excellent wine and food to match its reputation as a ‘country of gourmet’. French cuisine has been recognized for centuries as the best dish in the world.

The French are willing to give up their morning sleep and tour bakeries on Sundays to buy freshly baked croissants. Reflecting this French affection for food, there are many expressions related to food in France.

For example, when trying to express sadness, they say, “It’s like a day without bread,” or when they feel good, they say, “I have potatoes.”

The book features a feast of wine and food representing France, including Cognac, which Victor Hugo called “God’s Wine,” Champagne, French bread, baguette, King of Cheese, Brie, Camembert, Roquepor, Marial Cheese, and legendary-flavored Stu Casule.

The author appreciates local foods that have been relatively undervalued compared to Parisian cuisine, such as Lyon, Marseille, and Provence, and emphasizes that well-known French dishes such as foie gras, bouillaves, and Cocobain are actually local specialties, guiding readers to the world of gourmet.