Volunteering in India: Elizabeth Trust

Regional: Bangalore, India Elizabeth Trust, an orphanage in Bangalore, India

#Services at Goa Wong, Bangalore

When I went to India Orphanage volunteer work I found while looking at snow camera photos by chance. Honestly, I still want to see Daniel who is so lovely and shy and cute

Children here don’t have cell phones or toys, so whenever they go to volunteer, they always ask for a phone. Then play with the snow camera like that. Even if we give snacks, we never eat them right away like any other children, but ask the director and ask permission to eat them. There were times when I felt bad for not being like children.

Honestly, at first, I went there because I heard that I would get a certificate if I went to volunteer work three times
It was me who went more and more and had a great time. Running around and playing around with the kids.

#to give presents to children

It is cute to see that children harden like this when they take pictures. I once bought a pencil-like stationery gift or rice, but I remember making a paper disk with a newspaper and practicing it or playing with it. I wrote English names and probably if the children were older, I would have taught them Korean Hah!

I hope lovely kids don’t get sick and grow up healthy The children here are happy to be grateful for the little things.

#Take care of the children at Gowawon, Bangalore.

Anyone in Bangalore can visit here and do volunteer work. If you are looking for a place to volunteer in Bangalore, please visit here and share your love. If you look at the entrance, it says rice that needs support. Before you go, it’s better to call the head teacher in advance! I put the phone number on top!
Use English~~ I think they’ll probably use Hindi, too!

#After volunteering at the Gowawon in Bangalore, India,

Pretty Bangalore houses. There were so many big dogs. The day Tuk-Tuk rode it alone
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Volunteering in India: Elizabeth Trust

I was so grateful that GangnamOP was sponsoring regularly. I think that’s why you’re helping me not to be more miserable even though I’m still poor
Regional: Bangalore, India Elizabeth Trust, an orphanage in Bangalore, India

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